Get Organized!

How to give accessories care they deserveWhen you picture a beautifully organized closet, you might be focusing on clothes. They are the star of the closet, right?

But what about your accessories?

Shouldn’t those shiny, sparkly, “uniquely you” elements of your wardrobe get a little attention, too? From jewelry and handbags, to neckties and shoes, I can give your accessories the home they deserve.

SHOES My average customer has more than 50 pairs of shoes, and some of my customers even admit to having more than 100 pairs. You might be tempted to throw them in the back of the closet haphazardly, but there are so many ways to keep your shoes accessible, protected and right where you need them.

My favorite way to organize shoes are adjustable flat shelves. These shelves maximize your space and accommodate the largest number of shoes, and adjust to allow for flat shoes, high heels or boots. Insider Tip: By alternating each shoe by toe in / toe out, you can add an extra pair of shoes per shelf.

Slanted shelves are another excellent way to store shoes. This type of shelf offers the best visibility of shoes, allowing you to choose your look at a glance. Insider Tip:

Use shoetrees or tissue paper to help your shoes retain their shape.

Wondering what to do with shoes you don’t wear very often? Try a shoebox. These handy, stackable options come in the form of the original cardboard boxes or clear plastic versions. This neat, clean way to guard your special shoes will definitely pay off. Feeling a little obsessivecompulsive? No judgement here! Add a Polaroid photo to the end of the box for quick identification.

Insider Tip:

Always let shoes breathe for several hours before putting them back in their boxes!

If you have a closet with less than 10 inches of depth, a wire shoe rack can add a helpful storage solution to a wall or the back of a door.

HANDBAGS Handbags are one of your biggest fashion investments – treat them right. When designing a closet, I always keep the purses in mind, spacing the shelves to accommodate them. I also offer customizable solutions like shelf dividers, which keep clutches and smaller bags upright and easy to spot in the lineup. Insider Tips:

When changing out your handbag, empty them every time. No one wants to discover a trail of ants leading to a forgotten mint!

Before you store your bag, wipe it gently inside and out with a lightly dampened cloth to remove dirt and dust.

Fill your bags with acid-free paper or silk-covered foam to help them keep their shape while not in use.

JEWELRY Whether glittering diamonds, vintage costume jewelry, or your kiddo’s finest macaroni necklace, jewelry should be cherished and preserved. I have several special options when it comes to keeping jewelry safe, including custom-designed drawers lined with plush velvet, stackable acrylic dividers to keep jewelry organized, or a hook wall to display long necklaces and costume jewelry. I can also add locks to the drawers to ensure that belongings stay right where they belong.

Insider Tips:

Gold is a relatively soft metal and can be damaged from contact with other materials. To avoid this, keep your gold jewelry stored separately in soft cloth bags or wrapped in tissue paper.

Keep jewelry you wear every day in its own little compartment or drawer, for easy access on the go.

Make costume jewelry look great forever by keeping it clean and dry, and always remove when applying lotion or perfume.

TIES A nice tie is the finishing touch to an outfit and allows you to make the most of your wardrobe by mixing and matching as accent pieces. But ties are usually the most delicate element of a man’s wardrobe, and they need a little TLC to last. Luckily, there are convenient, affordable solutions for keeping ties organized and easy to find. If your style is sleek and modern, I offer pull-out metal racks with pegs for each tie. If you like a more natural look, I have a fabulous wooden tie rack that pulls out to hold 150 ties. I also use custom drawer dividers to allow ties to be stored flat. Insider Tips:

Sort your ties by color to find the right match with no hassle.

Always untie carefully and store flat or hanging (not rolled or bunched).

Got a stain? Take immediate action.

Carefully blot the stain with cold water, or sprinkle talcum powder on grease stains. Bonus: Never iron your ties. Try steaming them while in the shower.

– Melanie Johnson

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