magazine stack melanie johnson closets

Magazines. We all love to buy them, flip through them. But what then?

We save them, piles and piles of them. We can’t get rid of them. God forbid, we might want that recipe for banana cream pie in the Good Housekeeping, May 1965.

So, what do you do?

  1. Start Clipping

Clip out that wonderful recipe. Tear out that great haircut. Save that great spa. Take note of that delicious-sounding restaurant in New York.

  1. Create a Filing System

Create a filing system that best suits your need and lifestyle. There is a variety of choices.

– Personally, I use a rolling cart with hanging files on the top and wire baskets on the bottom.

– There are lots of beautiful file boxes and baskets available these days. Check catalogs such as Ballads, Pottery Barn, The Container Store and Hold Everything.

– The classic metal filing cabinets with files is always a great basic. This sturdy cabinet can handle the load for big filers.

– Whether a gourmet cook with lots of recipes, or in the stages of building a new home, a binder is a great storage tool. The basic three-ring binder with removable plastic sleeves is my favorite.

–  A small plastic portable file folder to carry in your tote bag and car is great for those “articles” to read and toss”.

Here are some ideas for your file categories:

  • Fashion file: Tear out pictures of dresses, shoes and accessories you like. If you tear out the same dress over and over, maybe you should invest in it. This is a great way to put together a shopping list.

– Beauty file: Save a great haircut idea or beauty tip for later.

– Health file: Now what was that remedy for poison ivy?

– Travel file: This can even be broken down into smaller files by city, for the frequent traveler. Include restaurant, sights, shops, etc.

– Recipes file: That banana cream pie WAS delicious – and worth saving!

– Books and music file: Now what was the name of that great CD I wanted?

– Home decorating file: A great living room layout, unusual textile, designer to note, list of tips for styling your space, etc.

Your goal should be to be able to out your hands on the right piece of paper exactly when you need it, rather than shuffling it from pile to pile.

Does this get you started? Now when I call you for that great recipe, can you find it?