College Bound

dorm melanie johnson closets

Packing for college has become an education in itself – there are so many options these days when it comes to customizing your collegiate living space.

Here are a few tips to help.

– Check with your college for school regulations on what is supplied and what is allowed in your dorm room. Can you paint the walls, or add new lighting fixtures? (Sorry, no lava lamps allowed.)

–  Request a floor plan or dimensions of the room. If possible, take an advance tour.

–  Make the most of your closet space. You often can’t remove the rods and shelves, so you might have to improvise. You can add a free-standing stack of wire baskets underneath the hanging section and an over-the-door rack with multiple hooks for the back of the closet door.

And don’t forget, no wire hangers. The plastic tubular hangers are great and inexpensive.

– Make sure you use the space on the back of all your doors and walls where possible. There are great racks which hook over the back of the door to transform a door into endless storage space. Make sure you pick up some peel and stick adhesive hooks for the walls.

– Plastic milk crates are an inexpensive storage solution for dorm room storage. They come in many colors and they even have collapsible varieties. They can be stacked on the floor or on a shelf and make great tote boxes for the end –of-year trip home.

–  A free-standing hamper is essential for your dorm room. One that converts to laundry tote is ideal for heading to the laundry room. And don’t forget to label your clothes with a permanent fabric marker.

– Keep your toiletries handy and ready for action in a colorful bucket for toting back and forth to the shower

– And what about snack time? A refrigerator and microwave are a must in the dorm room, and don’t forget a multi-plug with surge protector and heavy-duty extension cord. An assortment of storage containers is handy for snacks.

– Last, but not least, let’s not forget what we are here for: to study. Your desk area should be well lighted and organized. A rolling file cart with hanging files on the top and slide out baskets on the bottom is ideal for keeping your notes easily accessible A bulletin board is essential for posting your schedule (and party pics). A clip-on fan will keep you from sweating through those finals.

Have fun!