Getting Your Garage Organized

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Are your cars stuck in the driveway, unable to squeeze into the garage that was once their home?

We often think, if only we had enough space, our life would be the picture of organization. The truth is that the very thing we crave—space—is often a garage’s undoing. Before you know it, this wide open room becomes a repository for anything with nowhere else to go. But with a little effort and preventative maintenance, you can keep your garage clutter-free and ready for your cars to come home.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

– Give your garage a serious sweep-out twice a year

– Power wash the garage floor

– Take inventory of what is necessary in that space

– Consider the environment of your garage. If your garage is frequently hot and humid, or cold and damp, avoid shelving made of materials that could rot, warp or crack when exposed to dampness

– Hang as many items as possible on the walls and rafters to free up floor space

If you are in need of a more serious garage organization, the heavy-duty wall panels from Storewall offer flexible garage storage solutions. This is a totally organized, totally flexible garage storage system, which begins with a heavy duty slotted wall panel. Then just add hooks, shelves, cabinets, baskets or bins. There are over 100 different accessories available that are easy to install, quick to change and amazingly adaptable.

This cool product is made of industrial strength PVC, which makes it not only extremely durable, but waterproof and weather proof – perfect for our humid southern environment.

The overall effect is a garage that meets every need, with space — and style – to spare.